Maserati Tipo 26C

Photo from 'Catalogue Raisonné' by Gianni Cancellieri (AUTOMOBILIA)

1930 Real Premio di Roma - Alfieri Maserati at the wheel of a Tipo 26C.

Tipo 26C
Years of construction 1929-1930
Two-seater race and sports car
1.1-litre 8-cyl in line
Two overhead camshafts with two valves per cylinder
Engine cubic capacity - 1078cc
Bore 51 mm x Stroke 66 mm
Compression ratio - 5.5:1
Induction by Roots supercharger via Weber ASS carburettor
Power output - 105 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Weight - 800/ 850 kg
Top speed - 185 kph
4 models constructed
1 cars exported to the UK in 1929

With the Mille Miglia race achieving high status, the now recovered Alfieri turned his thoughts to designing a sports car specifically for this race.

Starting from his Tipo 26B Grand Prix car, by January 1928 he had produced four 2-litre cars, #24, #30, #34 and #38, and christened them 26B MM (Mille Miglia). All were fitted with mudguards, running boards, to which were attached two boxes, one for tools, the other for the battery, two small foldable windscreen/aeroscreens were added and again the tail was cut-off to provide space for two spare wheels.

#24, a factory car, was sold to Sig Raffaello Toti from Arezzo and #30, also a factory car, to Sig Pietro Brunori from Rome, #34 to Marquis De Sterlich and #38 to Ing Giuseppe Furmanik.

In the 1928 Mille Miglia, the Maggi/ Ernesto Maserati car #24 was forced to retire with .