If you wish to contribute photos and chassis numbers to assist in the completion of this project, please send them to maserati123@btinternet.com Thank you !

A big thank you to those who have kindly given permission to display photos and details of their cars.

Acknowledgements: I offer my sincerest gratitude to Ivan Ruiz, Björn Schmidt, Keith Bluemell, Olaf Boecking, Anamera, Conceptcarz.com, Fantasy Junction, The Gallery, RM Auctions, Gooding & Company, Bonhams, Coys and Christie's, 3500 GT Register, Maserati Quattroporte Tipo 107, Thepenier Maserati Register and the the many other contributors to my site, and trust that they understand that their photographs have NOT been included for financial gain, but solely for the enjoyment of fellow Maseratisti !

I have sourced many of the photos from the internet, and in some cases I have been unable to contact the copyright owners to obtain their permission to publish their photos. and for this I apologise. I can only add that this site is non-commercial, and exists solely for the enjoyment of Maserati enthusiasts like myself, and I have continually refused to allow advertising on my site. Should there be any objectors, please let me know and I will remove the photos immediately from the website.

For your information, my progress as at 21st December 2014, is a total of 1,842 Maseratis listed !! My sincere thanks go to all the contributors.




198 cars listed so far


66 cars listed so far


85 cars listed so far


27 cars listed so far


72 cars listed so far


104 cars listed so far


36 cars listed so far


143 cars listed so far


326 cars listed so far


54 cars listed so far


157 cars listed so far


105 cars listed so far


209 cars listed so far


132 cars listed so far


34 cars listed so far


94 cars listed so far


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