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Date: 6th July 2003

"Dear Enrico,

This CD-rom contains pictures of Maseratis, as well as DeTomasos and OSCAs. The last two because of their historical link to the Maserati marque. Some of the pictures taken before the Essen Motorshow 2002, are of minor quality! They were taken with another camera ... my apologies.

Contents of this CD-rom in chronological order:

  • Automusa 2002

  • Brussels Autoshow 2002

  • Flanders Collection Cars Ghent 2002

  • Spa Italia 2002

  • Essen Motorshow 2002

  • Flanders Collection Cars Ghent 2003

  • Maserati Classic International 2003

  • Spa Italia 2003


    Gert - Belgium."


    AUTOMUSA 2002

    The Bora - Tipo AM.117 (US specification)



    The Merak SS - Tipo AM.122



    The 3500GTI 'Sebring' (2a serie) - Tipo AM.101/10

    The Quattroporte III - Tipo AM.330



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