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Whilst discussing Maseratis with Gwen Van Hoosten by e-mail over Christmas, Gwen pointed out an interesting site, hosted by Modena Performance, that he thought might interest me.

On visiting the Modena Performance site I immediately made my way to the Ghibli conversions. I wonder why? Now my 2-litre Ghibli pushes out a whopping 306bhp so when I saw THEIR conversion options, I thought this merited further investigation.

Modena Performance offer the following conversions for the Ghibli:

  • V6 2-litre 360bhp and 440bhp

  • V6 2.8-litre 355bhp, 408bhp and 440bhp

  • V6 3.1-litre 475bhp

  • V8 3.2-litre with 450bhp

    When Maserati launched the 2-litre Ghibli back in 1992 it boasted an amazing 306bhp @ 6250 rpm, then in 1996 came the Ghibli Cup with its 330bhp @ 6750 rpm, now we have Modena Performance of Germany who have achieved a massive 440bhp @ 8200 rpm from this fabulous 2-litre engine. They also prepare engine conversions for the Quattroporte VI, the 3200GT and the new 4.2-litre Spyder and Coupé. You may think I'm slightly biased, but I shall confine this page to the 2-litre Ghibli.

  • The larger more efficient engine oil
    cooler and turbocharger intercoolers

    Purpose-made ducts channel
    cool air to the intercoolers

    I wrote to Herr Florian Ebersoldt of Modena Performance and asked for more information on this particular conversion and he very kindly sent me the following details of the conversion:

  • Modified engine management system (EPROM) with fuel-cut out point at 8500     rpm.

  • Crankshaft, connecting-rods and pistons are all matched and balanced.

  • Modified cylinder heads with new larger diameter valves.

  • All inlet and exhaust ports are enlarged and polished.

  • Modified valve timing.

  • Larger diameter (approx. 50 mm) air intake pipes and sleeves.

  • New high performance air filters.

  • New larger roller-bearing IHI turbochargers.

  • New Indy-type 'pop-off' (dump) valves (with metal non-return valve).

  • New larger purpose-made engine oil cooler and turbo intercoolers.

  • Stainless steel freeflow exhaust system.

  • New 'pop-off' valves exhaust into the
    engine bay not into the turbochargers

    The new larger roller-bearing
    turbos as fitted to the 3200GT

    High performance air filters
    replace the standard items

    This Ghibli engine bay
    awaits a V8 engine.

    Driving Impressions

    Behind the wheel, this car feels and sounds just like a racing car and the acceleration under full throttle, particularly in the higher rev band, is reminiscent of the surge one feels when a jet aircraft unleashes its full power.

    On the road the extra engine revs available and the resultant power increase give the driver the same sensation as that experienced when driving a non-turbocharged car with its noticeable absence of 'turbo-lag' when changing up.

    Just like a 1980īs Porsche '935 Turbo', this Ghibli has a spectacular sound backdrop: with its howling turbos, the hissing of the pop off valves when changing gear, the rasping sound from the new exhaust system and the distinctive sound from the crank of the crankshaft in the engine's 90° cylinder arrangement.

    The modifications made to the suspension gives the driver a firmer ride resulting in a more positive feel particularly when manouvering at high speeds.

    Performance Figures

      Modified Standard
    Engine size 1996 cc 1996 cc
    Maximum power 440 bhp (324 KW) at 8200 rpm 306 bhp (225 KW) at 6250 rpm
    Maximum torque 300.28 lb ft (408 Nm) at 6400 rpm 300.28 lb ft (279 Nm) at 4300 rpm
    Maximum speed Over 180 mph (290 kph) 165 mph (265 kph)

    Modena Performance also offer the following:

  • Modified clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing with a maximum     dynamic torque capacity of 640 Nm (472 lbs/ft).

  • Improved handling kit with the installation of new front and rear coil springs     (lowering the ride height by 20 mm), harder plastic bushes in the front and     rear lower wishbone (suspension arm) and tie rod bearings.
        The fine tuning/ adjustment of the front and rear suspension geometry.

  • The lowered ride height gives the
    car an even more aggressive look.

    The new stainless steel exhaust
    tailpipes from Modena Performance.

  • Ride height lowering kit (20mm).

  • A stainless steel braided brake hose kit; giving the driver a more precise feel at     the point of pressure, at the pedal.

  • Special 18-inch "Tradizionale" two-piece alloy wheels.

    The 18" 'Tradizionale' wheel fitted to a Ghibli Primatist

    And there's more!

    I always wondered why Maserati never installed a V8 engine in the Ghibli and I suppose the introduction of the 3200GT put paid to any plans to do so. Well now it's been done!

  • With V8 power Modena Performance
    take the Ghibli into the supercar class!

    The V8 engine fits neatly
    into the Ghibli engine bay.

    For more information about these conversions why not visit the
    Modena Performance Web Site
    or you can contact
    Florian Ebersoldt

    Modena Performance
    Maserati Modifications

    Hermann-Wehrle-Straße 7
    D - 67433 Neustadt / Wstr
    Deutschland - Germany

    Tel: 0049-63 21-91 84 12
    Fax: 0049-63 21-91 84 81


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